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Lhasa/Mt. Kailash/Lhasa Tours

Tour Length: 12 Days
Trip Available: All year around
Visits: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Saga-Darchen
Attractions: Mt. Everest, Nylam, Saga, Paryang, Manasarovar, Darchen, Mt. Kailash, Darchen, Zanda, Guge Kingdom, Paryang, Saga Shegar, Nyalam, Nepal Border
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In this 12 days trip, you will visit Lhasa, Shigatse, mount kailash, almost all the beautiful scenery you will explore in Tibet.
Discount: 3 travelers or more book the tour at the same time (5% off)

Detailed itinerary

Day 01 By air or trains from China mainland into lhasa or from nepal side (katmandu)
Our agency tour guide will pick you up from lhasa gongkar airport or from lhasa train station to yours reserved hotel.you can relax in the hotel and can refer to books that you have bring along with you for yours trip. If you have any doubt or question, you can ask to your tour guide to fix your next day's trip.

Day 02 Visiting famous Potala PalaceBhakor Street and Jokhang Temple
Potala PalaceMorning section to visit the famous Potala Palace, which is situated on the marpori(red hill) and is abode of boddhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara. The Potala Palace is divided into two parts, white and red palace is about 119m tall.the red palace had 13 storeys, golden tomb from fifth to thirteenth dalai lama. Songtsen gonpo's meditation cave is situated in white palace is oldest chamber in the history of whole potala palace. 
Afternoon section visiting to Johkang Temple, built during songtsen gonpo's reign by princess wencheng of Tang Dynasty. The most interesting thing in jokhang is the sacred goat head in the Jampa chapel which is believe to "self-arisen" that is not man made.
Overnight in Lhasa

Day 03 Moving forward to Shigatse via Yamdro-tso lake and Shigatse
The first day we drive westwards to Mt.Kailash will reach Shigatse, which is the second biggest city in Tibet. on the way to Shigatse, we will pass kangpa-la with 4700m, from the top of the pass in clear weather, we can see the Yamdrotso lake in fabulous shade of deep torquoise, Just a few kilometrers driving through the shore of lake yamdrok-yutso reches Nangartse county and is the largest town on the lake side. then we driving from yamdrok-tso to Gyantse city, is a spectacular as arrriving, since you have to cross the 4960m karo-la with its awesome roadside views of the Nanchan- Kangtsang glacier. in Gyantse city, you will explore the Kubum Monastery which is the town's foremost attraction. The 35m-high chorten(stupa) with its white layers trimmed with decorative stripes and its crown-like goldendome, is awe-inspiring. drive to Shigatse.

Day 04 Visiting Tashilumpo Monastert and Moving to Saga
Tashilumpo monastery:The traditional seat of successive Panchen Lamas, the second highest ranking tulku lineage in the Gelugpa tibetan buddhist hierarchy, after the Dalai Lama.Located on a hill in the center of the city, the full name in Tibetan of the monastery means "all fortune and happiness gathered here" or "heap of glory". After that, we'll drive towards Saga, a town and township and seat of Saga County in Shigatse Prefecture in southern Tibet. It lies at an altitude of 4,640 metres (15,223 ft.)

Day 05 Drive from Saga to Darchen

Darchen is situated right in front of the sacred mountain, Mount Kailash. Its altitude is 4,575 metres (15,010 ft) and is the starting point for pilgrimages in the region. Have a good rest in Darchen and prepare for the amazing trekking around Mount Kailash.

Day 06 Trek day one(Outer circuit), Darchen to Drirapuk 11km
Triditionallya pilgrim undertakes 52 km trekking circuit around mount kailash commencing at darchen(4574m) and crossing the Dolma-la pass on the second day of the three day walk.Darchen is the starting and completion point for the general circuit of the sacred mount. A few kilometers after leaving Darchen, there is a valley called "sarshung" where porters are waiting for their client. They will help the client to take every necessary things on yaks and horses. After two hours, you came upon a grassy plain with populated by nomads. there you can refresh yourself in nomadic tent by drinking some soft drinks there. For this turn in the valley it is another two hours at least before reaching Drirapuk(4920m). You need to camp or can rest in monastery's guest house made from cement with little bit good facilities than others in Drirapuk. At the opposite side of Drirapuk, there you can see small monastery with its guest house little bit cleaner than others.

Day 07 Trek day two, Drirapuk to Dzultripuk 22km
Day two: The second day is the hardest and most tough circuit with the Dolma-la pass lies 6.4km ahead but 762m above Drirapuk. The peak of Dolma-la pass is about 5630m above sea level, so it is better to set off early in the morning as the sun's rays break over the ridges above.
After taking a rest on the peak of Dolma-la pass, you will decending staircase brings you to Lhachu valley floor, about onehour from the pass. From here it is still four hours trekking to the day's final destination with no shelters in between. It is better to walk on the rightside of the river and finally reached to Dzultripuk(miracle cave of milarepa). It is advised you to get there before than other groups because of limitted number of rooms available there in Dzultripuk. Take a good rest in the guest room and prepare for next morning's departure.

Day 08 Trek day three- Dzultripuk to Darchen-11km
The tour guide will arrange yours time and ask he/she to visit the caves and visit the tmple and shrines that has been built around Milarepa's cave. The walk back to Darchen is easy and the exit from the valley can be reached within three short hours. At the ending point of valley, the drivers will come to pick you and take you back to Darchen.

Day 09 Darchen to Saga

Enjoy the beautiful scenery along our journey and back to Saga.
Mt. Kailash

Day 10  Drive from Saga to Shigatse

In the morning, drive back to Shigatse from Saga.

Day 11 Back to Lhasa

Day 12 See you off at the airport

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