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After one month performing at the Shanghai World Expo, the first Tibetan performance group has come back from Shanghai. >> More
Mainland residents in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be allowed to vi >> More
The 10th Sports Meeting of the Tibet Autonomous Region will kick off in Lhasa on August 8 this year. >> More
The first tourism forum with grand canyon theme highlighted the fourth Lhoba Folk Festival which was held in Mailing, attracting many experts from Tibet University, Nyingchi Tourism Bureau, Tibet Tour >> More
Ma Guanghua and other nine senior translators were awarded at the Commendatory Meeting of Tibet Translation Association on May 28, 2010. >> More
The people of Tibet make some gorgeous beads of different sizes, some inlaid with gem stones, and some set in brass and silver. Tibetan silver is not 925, but is recognized worlwide as a great silv >> More
Every daybreak on the southeast edge of the Tibetan Plateau, Lucy walks into the only Catholic Church in Tibet, dips her fingers into the holy water and makes the sign of the cross before praying. >> More
Sichuan Airlines from 28MAY10 is introducing Airbus A330-200 service on Chengdu – Lhasa service. It currently operates 3 Daily flights to Tibet. >> More
Jordan Romero, a 13-year-old Californian boy and the world's youngest mountaineer who successfully surmounted the world highest mountain Qomolangma, returned to the advanced base camp (ABC) at around >> More
Photo from CTIC shows the traditional wind horse prayer flags. This kind of flags can be seen everywhere in the Tibet Autonomous Region. >> More
The organic fruit and vegetable garden was located in Jiang Village of Quxu County composed of hundreds of greenhouses. >> More
As the 2010 Lhasa Shoton Festival is approaching, invitations to the top 500 enterprises of China have been sent to attend the economic and trade conference by the government of Lhasa, capital city of >> More
The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is to hold its first Tangka Arts Expo from July to October, 2010, according to the TAR Culture Bureau. >> More
China welcomes foreigners from all walks of life to visit Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in southwest of China, said Qin Gang, spokesman of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday. >> More
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has earmarked 2 million yuan of special funding to preserve Tibetan opera, the regional government said Wednesday. >> More
A bicycle group consists of college students from Taiwan and mainland China (five from Taiwan and three from China) will ride a challenging 1,000 km from Golmud City, Qinghai Province, China to Lhasa, >> More
Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) urged its departments concerned and local people to guard against disasters brought about by flood and drought in summer, according to a meeting held on June 23 in its ca >> More
Since mid-May, over 40,000 Tibetan antelopes from Hoh Xil have moved to Zhoine and Taiyang lakes for breeding. >> More
Tibet armed police currently cleared up a illegal hunting case, seizing products made from wild animals in Nagri Prefecture, western China's Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), according to Tibet Bureau o >> More
The central gas station is expected to be put into use this October, according to the Energy Research Center of the Tibet Autonomous Region. >> More
The remote area of Mdog in Tibet is becoming an increasingly popular site for hikers, with a highway set to open the area in 2012, many intrepid travelers are taking the opportunity to visit China's >> More
The Tibet Pavilion in 2010 Shanghai World Expo has received 919,000 visitors from home and abroad in May, of which 65,000 have watched the theme show in the pavilion, sources from the TAR Office of Sh >> More
A long procession of local residents march around the Qusha Waterfall to worship the water, along the Angrang Mount, in Zhouqu County, northwest China's Gansu Province, June 16, 2010. >> More
The Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has recently released five species of over 20,000 artificial proliferous endangered fishes into the Quxu Section of >> More
Shanghai has aided 228 projects in Xigaze, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region with 510 mln yuan in three years, sources from the meeting about Shanghai's fifth aid-Tibet projects on June 15. >> More
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