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Tsampa is the staple food of Tibetans and often called as the National food of Tibet. It is barley ground into fine and coarse flour. Tsampa is a very simple and easy to prepare food widely known as convenience food used at home and also by the travelers in Tibet. >> More
Yak meat is an integral part of the Tibetan cuisine. The animal is essential to Tibetan culture and is commonly reared for its milk, fiber, and meat. Wild Yak herds roam over Tibet, Central Asia, Nepal, Russia, and Northern India. >> More
Aweto is Chinese precious medicinal herbs. It is world-famous. In 1992, China has first produce in great scale, using the achievement of Qimiao aweto fungus plant in Tongshan county. In 1994, the experts authenticated the products as a new source of nutrition and medicine. Compared with natural aweto, it includes higher production of nutrition and medicin... >> More
Made from the highland barley, the main food produced in Tibet, Highland barley wine (also called Chiang in Tibet) is the wine favorite to Tibetan people and is a necessary part at festivals, marriage feasts and on some other important occasions. >> More
Tibet Tour Expert:issue the Alien's Travel Permit, provide a rich resource of Tibet travel information and overall service of travelling to Tibet >> More

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