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Education authorities in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region said Friday all children in Tibet's farming and herding areas will receive at least two years of free preschool education in both the Tibetan language and Mandarin Chinese by 2015. >> More
Tibet University is a comprehensive university mainly engaged in the training of teachers in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It was established in July 1985 based on the former Tibet Teachers' college. Tibet University was originally founded in 1951 as the Tibet Cadres School. >> More
Tibet University is the main university of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It has two campuses: one in Lhasa and one in Nyingchi. A forerunner was created in 1951 and the university was officially established in 1985, funded by the Chinese government. >> More
With efforts from the CPC Committee and government of the Tibet Autonomous Region, development of higher education in the region has witnessed remarkable success, which in turn provides strong impetus for economic growth and social progress. >> More

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