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Shigatse, the Panchen Lama's Seat

Time: 2010-09-06 00:00:00

Shigatse , meaning in Tibetan language the most fertile manor in , is situated in the central part of Tibet, at the junction of the Yarlung Tsanpu

River and one of its main branch named the Nyanchu River. It is 280 km west to Lhasa, 5 hours drive by bus from Lhasa. The altitude of the ciy is 3800 meters above sea level. There are six mountains whose altitudes are averagely over 5500 meters. The city has a population of 82'000, covering an area of 3658 square kilometers. It is wet and warm in summer, while it is dry and cold in winter. And it is also the successive Panchen Lamas’ Seat. Plus, Tashilumpu Monastery as famous as Potala Palace is also in this city.

Here below is Shigase City Map

The city of Shigatse is an old city with the history of 500 hundred years. It is also politics, economics, traffic and religion center in this area called latter Tibet due to Lhasa is former Tibet . The trip to Shigatse will dead you to the most fascinating attraction Mt. Everest in Tibet , Sagya Monastery, the same famous Buddhism culture center as Dunhuang in China , Shalu Monastery, Palchor Tsode Monastery located in Gyangtse Town of Shigatse Prefecture, and the New Palace for Panchen Lama

All these make Shigatse second largest city in Tibet.

The Jong or Fort of Shigatse, a map of the town of Shigatse showing the Dzong or fort, from Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet by Sarat Chandra Das, 1902 

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