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Nyingchi County

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Nyingchi means "throne of the sun" in Tibetan. Nyingchi County is in the southeast of Tibet, to the north of Yarlung Zangbo River, and at the lower reaches of Nying River. The average altitude is 3,000 metres above sea level.  Nyingchi County covers an area of 10,238 square kilometers, and has a population of 26,000. The vegetation resource is abundant in the area. The main species of trees are cypress, mulberry and Spruce, etc. The stock volume of trees is about 60 million cubic meters. The traffic network of the county has come to its shape. The 223 kilometres' long highway of Sichuan-Tibet Highway crosses the county. The total road length in the county reaches 410 kilometers. Bayi town is the political, economic and cultural center of Nyingchi County. It covers an area of 8 square kilometres, with a population of 16,000. It has over 90 enterprises, units and plants .

Due to its scenic charisma, Nyingchi County has been called as "The Switzerland of Tibet". The people in Nyingchi city belong to Menba and Luoba tribes and are strong followers of their traditions. Due to its varying altitude, the climate here is generally wet and rains are quite heavy in the area especially from October to April. This makes it difficult for travelers to roam around in the city. But these rains also give the city a great charm.Shopping in the city can become an indispensable part of Nyingchi travel. The most famous shopping center is Hong Kong Street in Bayi. You can shop for green tea, woolen blankets and various varieties of herbs. The locally made handicrafts also are a great souvenir for the tourist.

Like all other parts in Tibet, Nyingchi is also quite rich in natural marvels. These attractions are not just good for sightseeing, but they prove to be a dream destination for adventure lovers and daredevils. The Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon, located in the south eastern side of Nyingchi city is situated where Himalyas, Tanggula, and Henduan Mountain meet. The canyon that is around 500 km long has an average depth of 5000 m. Apart from the exceptional ecological system, you will see a large variety of wildlife as well, Bangladeshi tigers, the long leaf tail monkey and many others. There are no staying places nearby so it is advised that you carry all your camping gear along with you and take necessary precautions as the area is exposed to floods and landslides. Do not go their without a guide who knows the area well.Sacred Sejila Mountain is an important pilgrimage center situated in the eastern side of Nyingchi City and located at an altitude of 4700 m above sea level. The pilgrims come here and walk around the peak and offer their prayers. Just stand at any point and admire the pure elegance of the mountain that is covered with flowers of all color. The sight is absolutely spellbinding and takes you into a world never experienced.The Paga Temple has a long history and dates back to the era of 5th Dalai Lama. You will find the largest collection of Buddha statues almost thousands in number. Also seek blessing of more than 100 Lamas residing inside the temple premises. One who visits this temple never leaves without going to the Holy Paga Mountain and the mysterious cave half way up the mountain. Said to have super natural powers, the cave also has a hot geyser that shoots out every 4 hours. Carefully examine the walls of the cave that have a lot of inscriptions that still remains hidden from the eyes of the world.Ranwu Lake is the biggest lake in south east of Tibet and is around 90 km away from Nyingchi County. The lake is situated at an altitude of 3800 meters and covers an area of around 22 sq. km. The lake is surrounded by various mountain ranges from all side, the Gangrigabu snow mountain in the southwest, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and Bosula Peak in northeast. The tip of tehse ranges is covered with snow all the year round.

For accommodation, the city has many star rated hotels. Being a major trade city, there are many business travelers in Nyingchi, so for the convenience, many hotels provide business amenities too. The main hotels are Nyingchi hotel, Nyingchi Post Hotel, New Century Hotel and Nyingchi Garden Hotel. For transportation, Nyingchi city has its own airport, the third civil airport in Tibet. It gets flights from both Lhasa and Qamdo Bangdad airport.The Sichuan-Tibet highway, cuts through Nyingchi city. This connects the city to many major cities of Tibet. To Lhasa, the distance is around 663 km and it takes around 10 hrs to reach here.

Be absolutely prepared when you come to Nyingchi town. The County receives the maximum hours of sunshine due to its altitude. So don't forget to carry with you a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion. Such heavy sunshine also ensures huge gap between day and night temperatures so keep in hand a few woolen clothes as well. Average yearly temperature here is around 9 degree centigrade that makes the city accessible throughout the year.The city is surrounded by some high rises that prove to be a good opportunity for seasoned trekkers to pack their bag and head for them. There are lot many restaurants famous for Tibetan delicacies both cheap and expensive, although the preferred cuisine is Sichuan cuisine only. So keep at least three days completely for this city.

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