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Lhasa,Capital of Tibet

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Lhasa, with its history of more than 1300 years, famed for the Sunshine City with over 3000 hours of sun shine, is the capital of Tibet. It locates on the north bank of Lhasa River, the main branch of Yurlong Tsangpu River (in India it is Brahmaputra) The average altitude is 3648 meters, and the average yearly temperature is 8.5℃. And the population is around 500’000, among which Tibetan people occupies 93%, covering an areas of 441 square km in the city and 7 adjunctive counties.

Since as early as in 7 century, one of Tibetan Kings named Songtsan Ganpu in "Tobo" Dynasty switched his capital here, Lhasa has ever served as  the center of Tibet politics, economy, culture, traffic and religion.  In1982 Lhasa was listed as one of the first historical famous cities By the United Nations. The people in this city mainly believe in Buddhism and only a small portion of it inhabitants believe in Muslim, Christianity, and Monism.  

At present, roads from Lhasa stretch to every direction. Plus, the flights and the Tibet Railway altogether make Lhasa city a path to Lhasa travel or Lhasa tour, the large part of Tibet travels.  

The famous attractions inside and around Lhasa city are Potala Palace, the symbol of Lhasa, Jokhang Temple, the center of Tibetan Buddhism, and three famous monasteries Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and Ganden Monastery have a lot of Tibetan Lamas studying there, and etc. And Lhasa is also successive Dalai Lama's Seat.

Besides, there are lots of famous local products like hand-made Tibetan Carpets, Tibetan medicine, and Lhasa Beer, etc. 

All these contribute Lhasa to be an unforgettable city after a trip to Lhasa

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