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Dzong Hill Ruins in Gyangze

Time: 2012-02-15 20:30:41

Dzong Hill Ruins in Gyangze

Dzong Hill Ruins lies at Dzong Hill at the centre of Gyangtse. It is a small hill only 100 meters high. But it is an important military pass to Lhasa. “Dzong” means “castle or fort” in Tibetan Language. So since the early times, Gyangtse people began to construct castle and fort as the local government seat. The complex can be traced back to 14 century BC, consisting of office, chamber and some warehouses. The cannon ruins and fallen walls with bullet holes recorded the fierce battle against invaders.

Dzong Hill Ruins in Gyangze

In1904, British troops invaded into Tibet from India via Sikkim, and conquered parts of Tibetan territory. However they met with strong and hard resist in Gyangtse at the small hill which was the seat of the local Dzong government. Brave and unyielding Gyanmgtse people using primitive weapons fought against British invaders equipped with advanced guns. The hard defense lasted for 8 months and finally failed. Tibetan warriors exhausted stones on the hill, which was their last weapon. They refused to surrender and jumped out of cliffs. Emplacements in the ruins still overlook the valley now.

Dzong Hill Ruins in Gyangze

A famous Chinese movie “Red Valley” based on this story makes Dzong hill more popular in recent years. Nowadays a memorial is standing on the square at the foot of Dzong hill, to commemorate the heroes in the defense.

Dzong government office of the feudal serf system is still well kept, giving visitors a better understanding of the serf system in the old Tibet. Four steles erected during the reign of Emperor Qianlong are well preserved.

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