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Your tour guide is neither your 24 hours guardian nor nanny, so long as you do not visit scenic spots without him or her, you can hang out any where you like. Just tell your guide you want to spend to >> More
About Tibet Exchanging money in Tibet, Local transportation, Oxygen, Shopping, Food. >> More
Travel permit to Tibet is issued by Tibet Tourism Administration. To apply for it, the copy of your passport and Chinese visa, together with other information such as your occupation should be provide >> More
Almost every visitor is affected by the high altitude as Tibet is over 3000 meters above sea level and many areas are above 5000 meters. Most of the visitors get acclimatized to the high altitude by t >> More
Generaly speaking, the best time to travel Tibet is between April and October, and peak season is from May to September. >> More
Watch your behavior in Tibet! We list some Tibet Etiquette and Taboo to show you how to behave well. Learn the specialty of Tibetan custom >> More
Road to Tibet: road map of 5 highways to Tibet, highlighting Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Tibet Friendship Highway, the only 2 highways open to foreigners >> More
Why Train to Tibet? What to See on the train? Here we offer the essentials you need to know about Tibet Train Travel and Tibet Railway. >> More
Travel to Tibet is easy now! Here is a full timetable for flights to and from Lhasa, Nyingchi, and Chamdo. Find discount Tibet flight deals! >> More
What to bring for a Tibet travel? This page goes over all the essentials to make your Tibet travel more comfortable, including altitude sickness medicine and skin care products >> More
What is High Altitude Sickness? How to avoid altitude sickness? This page is your altitude tutorial to help you prevent Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) >> More
Comprehensive info of Tibet travel documents: TTB Permit (Tibet Entry Permit or called Tibet Visa), PSB Permit (Alien Travel Permit), Military Permit, and Chinese Visa, offered by TibetTrip.com. >> More

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