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How To Pay

TibetanTrip.com accepts wire transfer, credit card and Paypal payments. Detailed information and steps please see below:

1. Paypal

We now accept Paypal for payment, the safe and convenient payment method that millions of online buyers and sellers prefer for online business. TibetanTrip accepts this tool of payment to give our customers more flexibility, security and guaranteed mutual benefits. If you choose Paypal, you are required to pay an extra 4.5 % of the total amount as the handling fee.Our Paypal account is: TibetanTrip@hotmail.com We will email you and confirm your booking after we receive the confirmation from our Paypal account.

2. Credit Card

TibetanTrip accepts credit card payment with authorization letter by fax. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Diners.

Right now we do not provide online credit card payment because Tibet's e-commerce infrastructure is not so safe and stable as that in western countries. But with authorization fax, it is very safe and easy:

- Please find the credit card payment authorization form at the end of this document or download it at: 

- Fill your VALID credit card information (card type, number, card holder's name, billing address and card holder's signature, etc.) in the credit card authorization form.

- Fax the authorization letter and a copy of your passport to us at: +86-891-6837297

- After we receive your fax, we will acknowledge the receipt by sending you an email, and then we will send it to Bank of China which will help us get your payment from your credit card issuing bank.

Important Notes: 
The rules of Tibet (China) Government do not allow us to charge in foreign currencies. Credit card payments charged in CNY are based upon the prevailing rates in China. Your card issuing bank will debit you in local currency and TibetanTrip will have no control on the rate of conversion used by your card company. The result is that the amount charged from your credit card might be slightly different from the amount on the credit card authorization form.

3. Wire Transfer

Paying us by wire transfer is easy and quick. Your money can be wired to our bank (Tibet branch of Bank of China) account from any bank.

Our bank account is as below:

Bank Name: Bank of China, Tibet Branch

Bank Account: 138803902393( US dollars or RMB yuan)

Beneficiary: Tibet Free Man Travel & Service Co. Ltd Lhasa

Company Name: Tibet Free Man Travel& Service Co. Ltd Lhasa

Bank Address and Contact Information: 
TEL: (86) 28-82760347 (86) 891-6824726
FAX: (86) 891-6837297
POST CODE: 850000

**After you sent the money through your bank, please fax the receipt of the payment provided by the bank to us at: (86)891-6837297

If you have any questions, please contact us

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