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Tibet Enjoyable Travel Service Co., Ltd.     拉萨畅游旅行社有限公司
Tel: 86-28-82760347
Address: No.1 Minzu Road, Lhasa, Tibet      西藏拉萨市民族路1号
E-mail: sales@tibetantrip.com  tibetantrip@hotmail.com

If you are going to know something more Tibet Permit or Tibet Travel, please just click here or just send e-mail totibetantrip@hotmail.com.

If you are intereted in one tour of the list on our website and would like to know the quotation details, or you find any other tour program from other company and would like to compare, please just contact us at inquiry at tibetantrip.com. your dream is just our mission, simplely show your idea, you will receive your travel advisor's suggestions and solutions. Travel consultation is provided free-of-charge.

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Tibet Enjoyable Travel Service Co., Ltd.       No.1 Minzu Road, Lhasa, Tibet       E-mail: sales@tibetantrip.com  tibetantrip@hotmail.com       Tel: 86-28-82760347